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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> there is a president leaving hawaii and now he and congress have to figure out what to do about the upcoming fiscal cliff. >> we are taking it outside, this is the roof cam from downtown san francisco. we are still lit up over this and it's as the skyline. we are enjoying clear skies and the mergers are in the 40's. dry, sunny conditions into the afternoon. we will continue to see mostly clear skies as we head into tonight. it is kind of cold out there, out 40 in vallejo and fairfield. oakland and
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san francisco coming in at 47 degrees. we're expecting mainly low 50s today we'll talk about how much rain we are expecting coming up in my next report. >> we continue to look at light traffic at bay area bridges. we have just a bit of a delay in the left-hand cassoulet and likely associated with the shift change with toll takers. the east bay and south bay peninsula still have light traffic on the freeways. >> the time is 6:01 a.m. and one person is that after an officer involved shooting in walnut creek. will tran is live on the same. >> good morning i just finished talking to the walnut police department and there is no search for any additional suspects. one
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person was involved and offices are still on the scene at collecting evidence. this happened a few hours ago when a woman was heard screaming at an apartment complex. someone dial 911 and that is when officers responded. >> we received a call this morning at 3:13 a.m. with screaming in the background. officers arrived shortly there after. a transmission at 3:19 a.m. of shots fired. there was an officer involved shooting all the officers are ok. there is no one outstanding, we are not looking for anyone. that is pretty much all the information we have at this point. >> how many shots were fired by the officer? >> we do not know yet.
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>> 1450 creek aside at drive and in other news congress's planned about 25 minutes from now. i asked in how many times the officers fired and whe at that time he did not know. at this point we do not know if it was a man or a woman or even the age of this person but we hope to get more information about 20 minutes from now. >> a developing story out of bread with the gnp is trying to find a gas leak. pg&e received reports of a gas leak on all broke drive. there it is said that there is no gas spreading in the area and there is no danger to homes. >> former president george h. w. bush is in intensive
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care and hospital this morning. he has been hospitalized since last month with what has been described as a stubborn and fever. he is on and all liquidize it by its and has been and i see you since sunday. he was originally admitted into the hospital for a bronchitis like cough. >> we edge closer to the fiscal cliff it will quick end in just five days if congress does not act. there is no sign of compromise between democrats and republicans. president obama has cut his vacation short and is returning to the white house now. without a budget agreement automatic
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tax increases for everyone and deep spending cuts will be triggered and the new year. the main dispute continues to be over taxes. americans filing unemployment last week as dropped to 350,000. futures are up right now. a letter from treasury secretary tam geithner to congress sent after the bell yesterday may also weigh on the markets. >> the woman accused of killing a grandmother and a drunk driving accident at the twin peaks without has made her first court appearance. 23 year old gina
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eunice is accused of a hit and run drunken-driving in vehicular manslaughter. the accident occurred three people and killed 56 year old yuee byao who was here visiting her new grandchild from china. the judge set the bail at $2 million. if she posted she must wear a scram device that checks to make sure she is not drink alcohol and is not allowed to drive. she will be back in court for arraignment on december 31st. we will be right back.
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>> the layout has settled car owners over unintended acceleration in 2009 and 2010. the automaker has agreed to pay more than a billion dollars to install new safety features and compensate owners. driver's suit toyota becmats for gettingp causing their fee of vehicles to accelerate. under the agreement toyota will install a break over ride system. the company will also set up a fund of $250 million to compensate former toyota employee owners who sold their cars at a reduced value because of the negative publicity. despite bad news for toyota
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is still set to overtake general motors and reclaim the world's biggest car maker title for 2012. the japanese car maker announced its worldwide sales should rise 22% this year to 9.7 million vehicles. meanwhile gm is on pace for a full years of sales above of about 9.3 million vehicles. toyota has stages comeback after losing the top spot to gm in 2011 when toyota sales and production were hit by japan's earthquake and tsunami. >> we are getting a look at this morning at starbucks come the other campaign. it's the coffee shops public stance on avoiding the fiscal cliff. the starbucks ceo as its workers at 120 d.c. area stores to write come together on coffee cups they serve today and tomorrow. he says it's a way to " send our elected officials in respectful but the message, urging them to come together to find common ground "
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on prices might still be recovering but the price of rentals has skyrocketed and many u.s. cities especially oakland and san francisco. san francisco that the no. 10 spot well open comes in at no. 2. according to the cnn report opens all rents surged partly fuelled by renters priced out of san francisco which is still booming with tech talent. the year over a rise the year over year rise in oakland was 11.6% in sampras's go it is a 5.8%. the number one spot goes to houston at 16.8%. we will be right back.
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>> we're watching the weather across the country because a lot of people are traveling this week. all of the weather we saw this past week has pushed east and now it is in new york. also parts of new england are being hammered by snow. this is a storm that has been given a name called winter storm euclid. it has dropped a foot of snow in some areas. it is causing a lot of travel problems including delays at laguardia. it is a video out
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of columbus ohio this morning we can see a difficult place for drivers to get to work this morning. many roads are slick covered with snow and ice. all hail could pick up another injured to from the storm. as the storm makes its way up the east coast the national weather service says the north east heaviest snowfall maybe and northern pennsylvania, upstate new york and inland sections of new england states. the storm is set to end tomorrow morning before it heads to canada. >> if you're planning to had to the sierra so get back cool snow the powder is great but the roads are not. authorities want to remind drivers to make sure to have changed handy. this affects drivers driving up on the on
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interstate 80 and highway 50. caltrans advisory's are still in effect. for good reason, the snow has been coming down all along those highways leaving behind slick and icy roads. this year have led center was also warning skiers to be especially causes while out since the recent snowfall has caused a buildup of snow. >> you can expect slicked road ways. you we will expect some showers today but a lot of the hazardous weather has already subsided. temperatures are 10 degrees lower than normal. not only today but as you head into the weekend. you want to keep your chains handy just in case for your ride home from the sierra. that is something we will continue to monitor. the bay area
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forecast we have some forties' right now and experienced some upper 30's for the delta up. most of us however will enjoy it sunny conditions. an overall mild day compared to yesterday and it looks like clear conditions will continue well into the evening. we're talking low 40's by 8:00 tonight. looking at numbers right now, 44 vallejo 474 oakland 41 degree and pleasanton. satellite and radar shows all of the moisture and the storm that impacted the bay area that is continue to push it pushed its way east. high pressure is building up in the region but looks like we set the stage of for more rain as we head into tomorrow. there is possibly
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a chance for a shower but mainly cloudy conditions releasewith that storm. if we do see any rain that will develop tomorrow night. the yellow on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain the right around the heart of the day's stretching up to the richmond san rafael bridge. it looks like we will be dry for the most part in san jose and mountain view. potentially a stray shower as we head into the overnight hours. saturday afternoon should be just fine with clear and sunday conditions on sunday morning. everyone sitting right around the 53 degree mark 53 for milpitas 54 expected an evergreen. and the east bay mostly sunny skies, fairfield 51, 51 for
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pittsburg. and the north bay has a dry break for today with that of 53 and 52 for a downtown sampras's go. oakland has an afternoon high of 54 degrees. 7 day around the bay shows that we do have showers the picture for friday and to saturday. not too much moisture though only about a 10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch of rain. temperatures will be a little warmer as we start the next work week. 2013 however could be a wet start, there is a 30 percent chance for rain. here is traffic, a good morning george. >> good morning there is still light traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza. the meeting lights at this time are typically activated but that is not the case today. the san mateo bridge is also an easy commute with 11 minutes drive times.
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both eastbound and westbound. the golden gate bridge has no delays for the southbound traffic flow. looking at traffic maps we have not seen any congested or problems 80 westbound 24 southbound 680 all look good. there were reported problems at 687 sun bowl and it turned out to be the off ramp and not the freeway. as you can see no delays there. also no delays on south bay freeways. 85 to the west valley 1 01 from the coyote valley are an easy commute up to santa clara. no delay its for barrette moreno on the 1 01 southbound. >> public safety officials and east palo alto's 80 emergency repairs to a levy that separates dozen of moms from the san francisco creek are holding up. the creek overflowed on sunday night causing mandatory evacuations for seven homes. at least one home was damaged to the point being
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uninhabitable. water levels in the creek have receded after sunday's overflow which was the third highest in recorded history. no further work is unscheduled of the city continues to keep a close eye on the levee. all the right over christmas shutdown the southbound side of the upper great highway from lincoln ave to sloped boulevard. a spokeswoman at the sampras's the department of public works says the road flood's be cut because the drains cannot handle the water especially during a powerful storm. drivers are being forced to take the lower great highway route and northbound side is still open. a visit which closes about 60 times a year. it is not known as out of sight will reopen. the storm also brought down a massive tree in the east bay and it fell on the footsteps of the delta chive fraternity house on channing way in berkeley. the 90 ft. tree took out some communication cables on its way down but other than that the damage was minimal.
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>> santa rosa police are looking into how a 66 year old woman died after being discovered floating in a pond at an apartment complex. a family was having a christmas party at the would like the apartment complex found the body. the woman did not live at the complex and there is no indication of foul play. investigatoran autopsy of toxicy tests will be conducted to help determine her cause of death. >> ring in the new year with kron4 and our new year is live at show that will be posted by catherine he and anna gary radnich starting at 1130 on new year's eve.
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>> and the world move the victim of a brutal gang rape and delhi has arrived in singapore for additional medical treatment after her condition worsened. the 23 year-old woman was attacked in new delhi on a bus last week. police have arrested 66 man. the rate sparked widespread protests and a government panel will be assembled to look into crime and suggest ways to improve women's safety. >> south africa's president
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see it says former president nelson mandela has a release from the hospital. the 94 year old had been in the hospital since the beginning of this month. he was diagnosed with lung infection and also had a surgery to remove gall stones. a presidential spokesman says mandela or receive more medical care at his johannesburg, until he fully recovers. newtown connecticut officials are asking the public to stop sending gifts which the small town is struggling to manage. since the slaying of 20 students and six faculty members nearly two weeks ago the town has been the loser would guess from tens of thousands of teddy bears, barbie dolls and soccer balls to flowers, art work and school supplies. officials say they would detail the best ways to help the community after the warehouse full of items are process.
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>> electronic board of the nasdaq on the right and the opening bell will ring in just a few moments. we have a better than expected jobs report coming up with a drop of 10,000. fewer americans are filing for unemployment. president obama also cutting as a hawaiian vacation short and coming back to washington. the house and senate are also returning to work out a deal for the fiscal cliff. back to the bay area we are following this story in walnut creek, a person is dead after an officer involved shooting. jackie sissel is live on the scene. >> i am on the 1400 block of creekside drive. the contra costa sheriff's department also remain out here for a shooting that happened a couple of hours ago. here's
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video from a earlier this morning. we're being told that the 911 called 21453 creekside drive around three this morning. officers got there and apparently shots were fired. one of the suspects were shot and killed and no injuries and cure it occurred to be walnut creek officers. we spoke of the spokesperson for the walnut creek police department and he spoke of the incident. >> we received a call this morning at 315 and there was screaming in the background. officers arrived shortly thereafter. the transmission at three not scene of shots fired. there was an officer involved shooting and all the officers are ok. there is one suspect deceased and there is no one outstanding. we're not looking for anyone and that is pretty much all the information we have at this point. >> any shots fired by the officer? >> we do not know that. >> did that person live in the apartment complex?
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>> we do not know that. >> as you can tell there are still a lot of questions to be answered. kron4 as will tran is back at the headquarters of the walnut creek police department getting more information. we are expected to hear another briefing in the next 15 to 20 minutes. as soon as we get more details we will pass them along. >> at 631 we want to get a look at the weather and traffic this morning. >> it is a clear start to the morning but because of that it is kind of cold out there. we have some low '40's to contend with. in the afternoon, enjoy be sunny and dry conditions as we continue to see a pretty, whether thanks to high pressure in control. after an highs will be in the low 50s and into tonight mainly clear skies with moderate rent winds and the forecast.
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we're talking low '40's by 8:00 p.m. tonight. and to tomorrow we have the chance for showers however we believe it will begin later. over night waking up saturday morning we could still deal with a straight shower. we of big changes to talk about in your extended forecast. i will walk you through your 7 day around the bay and new year's eve and my next report. >> there is still light traffic around the bay area up especially the bay area bridges. this is a pretty good idea of what we can expect for the day. the metering lights have not been activated at the bay bridge as well as interstate 580 highway for all clear and problem free for the peninsula on 1 01 and 280. >> pg&e crews continue to work on stopping the gas leak that caused three comes to be evacuated in brentwood. it happened last night after pg&e receive reports of gas and order on
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all broke drive. prison not identify the exact cause of the leak. officials say the gas does not seem to be spreading and there is no danger to nearby homes. there is no estimate for when the evacuate residents will be able to return home. >> approval rating for old for president obama and his cabinet are mixed. a new poll shows 52 percent of people surveyed approved of the rock president's performance while 43 percent disapprove. vice-president joe biden numbers are in line with the president. but the 4 percent approve of his job performance of 40 percent do not. for his lady michelle obama has a 73 percent approval rating. the outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton is also popular with a 66 percent approval rating. and the bal poll shows a majority of americans support stricter gun laws but most are against banning assault weapons. 58 percent of americans now say they support stricter gun laws
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that's up from 43% and october 2011. the american public is now split on enforcing existing laws instead of passing new ones. 40¢ per set of the public wants to enforce current laws while 47 once the legislation. this is a big law to ban assault weapons which is backed by president obama has not gained much support since october 2011. 44 percent support and assault weapons ban while 51 percent are against it. >> today 200 use of teachers will get the proper training to be able to carry a weapon. the utah shooting sports council said it would waive its $50 fee for concealed weapons training for the teachers. it's an idea gaining traction in the aftermath of the connecticut school shooting. you ties among few states that let people carry license concealed weapons and the public schools without exception. >> to fire fighters were
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wounded by gunmen and was that is new york house on fire and then killed two other firefighters say they are thankful for the support they have received. there rochester hospital released a statement from the fire fighting say they are " normal and a bit overwhelmed " by the outpouring of support and well wishes for them and their families. both firefighters have been upgraded to a satisfactory condition. >> the u.s. postal service mail carrier accused of stealing thousands of pieces of mail and given stolen credit cards to friends will return to court today. the man pleaded not guilty to several charges of identity theft, possession of stolen property and second-degree burglary on friday. romeo maniulit says is said to us
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all in the mail from the area of devon shire avenue in san carlos. authorities say at least three accomplices used the stolen credit cards. >> alameda county's bounced wide shut down a section of oakland and in its interim will old tea and tea. this is video from abc seven is. police said down 37 street between market and london streets. some residents were evacuated after police learned someone is deterred and some old tnt from world war two. about what was called in to remove the more than 5 lbs. of explosives and police also have to close off the 900 block of 36 street at market.
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>> some mall shopper sent
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into a panic in sacramento after hearing what they thought were gunshots. this is the scene yesterday at shoppers as shoppers ran from the heart and fair mall. mall security says the noise was as a coming from as the brawl that broke out involving 20 people. officials say the navy found no evidence of a shooting and many stores went into a lock down, closing the metal gates and the fight started. >> i just imagine someone with a gun or someone coming into a store and threatening us. >> we had behind the jewelry counter at macy's and said we need to get out of fear. >> police believe the sounds of but that people thought were dunce shots weren't large signs falling over. the mall has since been reopened and for people involved in a brawl were arrested. >> it private picture posted by mark zuckerberg sister on her personal facebook profile has been leaked. a
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facebook marketing directors of the photo and posted it to her twitter account for more than $40,000 to see. zuckerberg sister,randi we did that the facebook director sang her picture was meant for friends only. later she said she did see the fall because they share a mutual friend. many people are reacting to randi zuckerberg st facebook like privacy setting difficult to navigate. >> contains a dry gas prices across the bay area of the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline remains at $3.60 in san francisco this morning. and the east bay the price in oakland was $3.49 the south bay the average price in san jose is up 2¢ from yesterday at $3.50 a gallon. these prices compared the state average of $3.52 here in california. >> we will be right back.
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>> there is a winter storm warning issued through midday today in upstate new york. they are looking at eight to 12 in. of snow by tonight. for those traveling on the roads new york state police and the dot have kept out out to keep roads open. they're telling drivers to be cautious because the snow could turn into drizzle. that may cause black eyes out on the road. it's not fun to ski on and certainly not fun to drive on. >> lucky at the national satellite and radar map as
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you mentioned that are ready received a foot the heaviest amounts and pennsylvania and new york and northern new england. they get upwards of 18 in. of new snow. 2 in. of snow is falling per hour in new york and new hampshire and portions of vermont. obviously a lot of flights have been canceled out words of a couple hundred. it looks like a lot of the affected weather will subside as we head into the weekend. this powerful winter storm has had its effect on the entire country. we sought some in the bay area as well as texas. and some tornadoes touched that the dow in the south on christmas day. the red on your screen indicates winter storm warnings. the white, not to much of it. there are wind weather when joe advisory's and a fact. it will subside as we head into the and afternoon but a lot of flight cancellations.
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we will continue to monitor that here on kron4. in the bay area occurring conditions temperatures are in the '40's. waking up to make clear skies and we will see sunshine into the afternoon. heading into tomorrow, changes abound and showers are in the forecast. it will continue into saturday but sunday looks pretty good. 47 right now sampras's go, 43 in san jose. afternoon highs looks like we will not warm up by much. everyone will be right around 53 degrees. we may lose or gain a degree depending on where you are located. i pressure is in control but that will only be in control for the rest of today. we have big changes to talk about as we head into tomorrow. future cast four into the 8:00 hour tomorrow morning, a lot of people on the roadways going back to work or school.
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mostly cloudy conditions, i don't think rain will be a factor just yet. heading into the afternoon we are not picking up much. maybe some oysters sitting off shore but this could possibly affect ocean beach. light rain right around santa rosa maybe along highway 1 01. if we do see any rain that will be right in time for evening commute. yellow on the screen indicates moderate to heavy rain and it is still relatively dry in the south bay. showers will beginning to slowly dragged their way south as we head into the overnight hours. residual showers persist waking up saturday morning. not too much moisture associated with this system, nothing compared to yesterday. the potential for rain may be a quarter of an answer in higher elevations. saturday will be a dry one, warmer with afternoon highs averaging in the mid fifties. morning fog of the story for monday and a chance of showers as we start the new year. 6:48
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a.m. and now here is george. >> thanks erica, it is still a great dride around the bay. no sneering problems, an easy ride. the sam its sale bridge at is an easy commute for you. the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound is very light traffic this morning. a pretty good ride. traffic maps as we update your commute around the bay looking first at the east shore freeway. the drive time is 14 minutes from hercules the berkeley, still excellent conditions. also 680 southbound through san ramon valley and westbound on 580, no delays out of the also must pass. the south bay commute looks great whether you are on 1 01, 87, 85, or 280. >> california highway patrol is reporting more than 1000
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you why arrest over the holiday weekend. chp was a maximum of four mozart on friday and ended men at midnight on christmas night. statewide 1060 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence. that is up from last year when 980 drivers were arrested for the wide during the same period. in the bay area there were a hundred and 51 b u i arrest as well as three deadly crashes. chp remise drivers always used a designated driver and always wear a seatbelt. >> it is probably a combination of a couple of things. obviously you have some people are drinking and driving that were doing it last year. although there is a more focused on the you by drivers as well. >> the next chp. of maximum enforcement will be back on next week for new year's. if
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you plan on drinking don't get behind a well instead have a designated driver or a taxi to get you home safely. >> marine biologists are trying to figure out how held a 30 ft. whale that washed up on the new york city beach. biologists say it's a been a male fan the whale is an art as well species. it's alive looks to be injured. police said the spring water on it. experts are not sure why the creature beached itself and that its chances of survival appears slim. the whale appeared in the coastal enclave of queens that was heavily damaged during super storm sandy. >> a new study shows your children are obese. essentially those between the ages of two and four years old and also from lower income. this is according to new research suggested released by the cdc. researchers say the new findings suggest the obesity epidemic among the population could have passed already peaked. this the
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first national study that shows that these rates are starting to decline. a number of children in this population increase from 15.2% in 2003 to 14.9% in 2010. extreme obesity also dropped. >> the nfl has announced this season's pro bowl roster is in the 40 niner's lead the nfc with nine invitations. this matches last season's total includes four time honorees. all the nine players are slated to start the january 27th game except for running back frank goal or an inside linebacker navarro bowman. the nine selections come close to the most ever for the 40 niner's lead 10 players selected for the program in 1984. mayors about the madison wisconsin are making a friendly bet on the outcome of the roles will game. the stanford cardinals will take on the wisconsin badgers and january 1st. a losing air where the other teams had their common council meeting and also displayed a flag of
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the winning team for a day. losing city will also plans a tree and honor of the winning team. >> force magazine has released the list of best actors for the buck. top actors provided studios with the highest average return for their films. actress natalie portman top the list for writing more than $42 for every dollar she earns. twilight start christensen word came in close second reading in more than $40. storage costars also made the top 10 robert patton send payment for the return of more than $31 and taylor lot there was number six making 29 and a half dollars to the studio for every dollar he was paid.
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>> christmas is behind us and you may be wondering what to do with your christmas tree. in san
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francisco you can recycle your tree starting january 2nd. for two weeks after that the city will pick a tree is there left on the curb. all the lights, ornaments and pencil must be off the tree. >> we do not want the tree and composting because it is not good for composting, it is too acidic. >> the trees will be turned into wood chips which will be burned for alternative energy. sampras is the reds the oldest christmas tree recycling program in the country. >> we will be back in just two minutes.
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